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How Do I Tackle the 'Air' Photography Challenge?

The final element, the final challenge.

Having tackled 'Water', 'Earth' and 'Fire' we are left with 'Air' in Kim Grant's Elements Photography Challenge.

Air does not immediately offer as many possibilities as the other three elements did.

There is the possibility of capturing some birds in flight, an action which obviously needs air.

Otherwise it is a case of doing some creative thinking.

The 'rules' of these challenges are simple. The images should be as creative as possible while in some way incorporating the theme.

Firstly, some brainstorming was called for.

There were a few possibilities for capturing images of birds:

I could use an interesting foreground or background and wait for a bird to fly into the scene.

I could watch for a dramatic sky and capture some birds in flight.

I could shoot at sunrise or sunset and capture bird silhouettes.

I could try a minimalist image.

There are also other options for depicting air in photography.

As well as photographing flight, there's:


Gentle breeze

Frosty air (since it's winter)

The next step was to think about getting creative.

In this challenge there didn't seem to be many opportunities to get creative in-camera so I thought about creative processing of my rather ordinary images.

Here are some of the final images.

The images submitted to this challenge are not judged on their merit as photographs but rather they are chosen for display on Kim Grant's channel based on how the theme is interpreted.

If you have a favourite from this set of images I'd love to hear about it. Please let me know in the comments.

Why not join in the Air Photography Challenge which will be running until

Sunday January 8th.

This challenge will give you a reason to get out with your camera and get you thinking creatively.

You really will begin to see the world in a new way and you may discover, as I did, a whole new appreciation for the air that we breathe!


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