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Why Is Photography Worth Learning?

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Part of my reason for getting started with photography was my desire to slow down and begin to notice life as it unfolds around me.

I want to go to interesting places and shoot both natural and human life.

I want to tell stories through pictures and see things from new perspectives.

i want to share my journey with anyone who is interested in following and hopefully learn from many people as my journey progresses.

Every picture tells a story. I want to let those stories unfold as I travel with my camera.

Photography offers all these things and more.

I am not a professional photographer and don't intend to post photographs for their technical ability. Rather, I want to experience aspects of life through my camera lens and capture some of that experience for others to share.

I will learn new techniques as I go along, and these too I intend to publish so that they might inspire just one other person to follow my path into the exciting field of photography.

Everyone who takes up a camera will have a different experience - no two photographs will ever be exactly the same - but some of the questions, problems and frustrations, as well as the numerous joys, will be the same, and sometimes through sharing these we can support and inspire each other to keep going with this very rewarding art form.

I do have an ultimate aim as I embark on what will probably be a steep learning curve - I want to take good photographs, photographs that I am proud of for a specific reason. I constantly look for photo opportunities but so far haven't had the relevant know-how to translate those opportunities into a good photo.

My camera phone didn't do this shot justice but the potential that the scene offers is an inspiration to get out there and learn all I can about the art of photography.

I would like to learn about the technical aspects of photography and know how to get the best out of my camera.

I would like to experiment with different lenses and try out various techniques.

I would like to learn from studying professional images to discover what makes a great photograph.

I would like to take a photograph to tell a story, to capture a moment, and to share these moments with a wider community.

On this new journey there will be lots of failures, hopefully some successes and a lot of learning.


I have gone on a number of photography walks and ended up with boring pictures. The main mistake I have made is to shoot the most obvious subject. Recently in my local park I tried to take an 'expert' picture of ducks as they enjoyed their morning routine. I watched two ducks as first one, then the other, went head down into the water. I thought, why won't they both keep their heads up so I can take my 'perfect' photograph? Then they both decided to dive down and I snapped the image. It's a natural image, it's what ducks do, they hunt for food. This photograph tells their story. My technique needs some work, and hopefully it will develop as I go on, but storytelling with my camera will be my priority.

Discovering our creativity

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. Maya Angelou

As a beginning photographer I have probably fallen down the same rabbit hole as many others and concentrated primarily on equipment, researching for hours to find the best camera for my budget, then mulling over which lens to buy next, and of course there are a lot of new techniques to master.

However, the reality is that what draws me to photography is the potential to be creative so I need to find the time to think creatively, to act creatively in my photography practice, to look at things differently, ask myself, 'what type of photographs do I want to take?' and go for it.

Creativity is about trusting ourselves, trying something different, experimenting, making mistakes, learning from them, trying again. While I don't aspire to becoming a photojournalist I do admire their work and often take inspiration from these master storytellers. They are experts at shooting the images that tell a great story. I will never create something entirely new but as a photographer I can, and should, create something that is new to me.

In doing this, in being true to my own vision, it may even be possible to move others through my images.

This is one of my first attempts to capture a bird in flight. It's not great but at least I managed to get the bird in this shot.!


Why is photography worth learning?

Photography is challenging, creative, relaxing, gives us purpose, helps us express our view of the world. Learning photography is hard work, we don't know where it will lead, but it is a fascinating and worthwhile pursuit that amply rewards the effort it takes to learn.

Don't wait until you've reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take toward reaching that goal.


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Oct 22, 2018

Great site Mary, and I love the write up of your ethos for the whole project. Enjoy :-)

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