"Cheers to a new year..."

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right ~ Oprah Winfrey Last year I wrote a blog entitled ‘Turning the Page-Thoughts for a New Year’. https://www.wildwillowways.com/post/turning-the-page-thoughts-for-a-new-year It was one of my most-read blogs and it is good to re-read that blog at the turn of another year to see whether I have achieved any of the goals I set for myself in terms of photography. At the time I stated my intention to update my blog regularly and, despite the fact that I am often disappointed at the lack of readers, I still try to post at least every two-three weeks. The discipline of doing this is good for me as it forces me to keep learning and reflectin

Shaking off the Christmas excesses - what about a bracing photography walk?

The last of the turkey has finally made it into a pie, you can't look at any more pudding and those remaining boxes of chocolates look like they should stay unopened until Easter at least! Sounds familiar? We all begin to feel the excesses of Christmas after a few days and there's no better way to shake off those excesses than with a bracing walk. Most of us have somewhere we can go to get back the feeling that there's more to life than lounging around eating and watching endless TV. A coastal or lake shore walk, a meander through the woods or the countryside, a mountain hike or even just a stroll around our local neigbourhood can re-charge the batteries and help us feel revived and ready to

Photography – the gift that keeps on giving!

I recently read of a psychologist who advises clients suffering from depression to take up photography. This got me thinking – what is it about photography that would help someone who suffers from depression? I may not be able to answer that question in a scientific way but I would agree, from my own experience, that there is a connection between photography and well-being. In the simplest terms, photography forces us out of ourselves into the world in search of photo opportunities, therefore helping us to take the focus off ourselves and our worries. It encourages us to become more attentive to what is happening around us and to pay attention to the little things that exist in the world. It

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