5 tips for making photography our ‘new activity’ during lockdown

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and is managing to remain somewhat active and positive. We are living through scary times, not just in terms of the Covid 19 pandemic itself but also because of the economic and social problems associated with it. Social isolation is increasingly becoming a problem for people and it is now being addressed by governments and various organisations throughout the world. An initiative which has just been launched by the Irish Government is #inthistogether, which aims to help people to stay connected, stay active and look after their mental health during the Covid 19 pandemic. Among other things, people are being urged to set a new daily activity to hel

How to stay motivated in these uncertain times

Is the current coronavirus crisis affecting your motivation? Many of us are currently in lockdown at home as part of the emergency restrictions to combat Covid-19 coronavirus, and now that the measures have been extended further, many people are finding themselves wondering how to keep their motivation going in these difficult circumstances. Of course, many people are working, either from home or a workplace, but despite a daily routine, motivation to stay on task may still be a problem. There are many also whose normal routine has been disrupted and who are finding it difficult to adapt to a new routine and to engage in normal activities in what are surely abnormal times. While accepting th

Why I am choosing gratitude this Easter

There are lots of things I’d like to do and places I’d like to go this Easter and none of them are going to be possible. My situation is the same as for so many of us. No visits to family, no trips away from home, contact with friends and family limited to phone and video calls. Yet, despite all of these restrictions I do feel that I still have a choice. I can lament the fact that the weather is good and there is so much I could do if only…. Or I can accept the situation as it is and be grateful for what I do have today. I have a number of areas in my life that I like to call my passions. My main passion, which brings with it a love of walking and being in nature, is photography, which has g

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that it’s ok to not feel ok.

I’m working on a blog about how to stay motivated in this difficult time yet it seems so unreal to try and force myself to live as normal and do normal things in what are without doubt the most abnormal times any of us have ever lived through. I found this article today and want to share it as it resonates with how I feel and it has helped me realise that it’s ok not to be ok all the time and we just do our best with something that is so totally out of our control. I’ll get back to reading, writing, creating, but for today I’ll just allow myself to be in the place that says it’s ok to be rather than to do. I know that in allowing myself that space I will emerge stronger. https://www.psycholo

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