Questions to ask yourself before you publish a blog post: advice from a Problogger

You have spent ages working on your blog, agonising over content and images, getting the length exactly right, checking your spelling and grammar, changing a word or a sentence here or there. You have reached the stage where you just want to hit that publish button, send your latest blog live and move on. Sound familiar? I am sure it does to most of us, but is there something we can do before we hit that button that will improve our blog and pay dividends in the long run? What if there was a checklist we could run through before we post so we would know we have covered every angle and could avoid hitting the button then thinking, “Oh, no! I should have done xyz before I posted!” That has hap

Reflections on Emerging from Lockdown

Can we find our butterfly wings? After more than two months of almost total lockdown, we in Ireland are beginning to emerge from the severe restrictions and are taking our first tentative steps towards a new normality. With the knowledge that we need to tread carefully so that we don’t run the risk of encountering a second wave of the deadly coronavirus, we are testing the waters in many areas of society to see what the new normal will look like. While I have not been officially ‘cocooning’ it does still feel as though we are collectively emerging from a cocoon and trying to find our butterfly wings. With the fervent hope that we will not have to endure this situation again, I feel that it i

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