How my phone has helped my photography

Have you ever found yourself faced with a perfect photo opportunity and lamented the fact that you haven't got your camera with you? Have you ever turned a corner and encountered a beautiful sunset but know that by the time you take your camera out of its bag and attach the right lens, the moment will have passed. These are the occasions when I am glad that I have a capable phone in my pocket. Having relied on my phone camera on numerous occasions I no longer see it as inferior to my 'real' camera but as a tool that can enhance my photography practice and allow me to make the most of every opportunity for making photographs. I wrote this post last year and find myself re-reading it as I set

5 great smartphone features that most people don't know about

Are you someone who likes to get to know all the features on the camera of your latest smartphone or do you tend to just open the camera app, press the shutter button and admire your photo? If you are in the latter category you are probably in the majority yet more and more people are realising the potential of the camera that is always at hand and want to know more about its capabilities. I have singled out 5 features that have helped me get the most from my smartphone camera and which many people don’t know about. 1. A quick way to open the camera on your phone. Sometimes we just have a split second to capture an image. Someone is in just the right place at the right time and the light is

My biggest mistake when I started blogging – and the steps I took to rectify it

Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone starting out in blogging makes mistakes. We are not perfect. Mistakes are not the end of the world (or the end of a blog!). I made a big mistake when I started blogging, a mistake I didn’t even know I was making. Now I have started to rectify my mistake. Here’s how I’m doing it. The beginning I started blogging some years ago in connection with my work, but that was mainly an opinion blog based on topics I was familiar with or about which I had some knowledge or expertise. I enjoyed creating content for the blog and wanted to expand into creating my own blog based on my experiences of returning to photography after many years, essentially the experience of b

2 easy ways to instantly improve your smartphone photos!

Have you ever wished your smartphone photos looked as good as those amazing photos you see posted online? Have you ever wished you could give your images a bit of extra ‘punch’ but don’t want to spend a lot of time doing it? Have you ever wondered if there is a ‘quick fix’ for improving your photos without having to navigate the ins and outs of an image processing programme? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you might be interested in learning about two easy steps that will give your photos that extra ‘pop’ without having to spend a lot of time or energy doing so. Unless you are really into photography you probably don’t want to bother with post-processing your photos,

Can a smartphone really rival a DSLR for the average photographer?

I wrote this post, Putting the smartphone camera through its paces. Can it rival a dedicated camera? a year ago and since then I have come to appreciate my smartphone as a real alternative to using a dedicated camera, rather than seeing it as a poor substitute. This is not primarily due to the convenience of having the phone camera with me at all times, although this is a bonus, rather it is because of all the opportunities it provides to practise my photography skills. As a learner in photography my primary aim has not been to learn about the camera but to learn about the art of photography. I am interested in creative composition, in storytelling through images, in looking for interesting

How I overcame writer’s block

Have you ever felt as though you’ve lost your ‘mojo’; that you want to write something, but you just can’t get into the flow? You sit in front of your laptop, determined to get your next blogpost written, and the ideas just won’t come. Worse still, you manage to find a hundred and one things you need to do to avoid even sitting at your laptop. Does this sound familiar? Most writers suffer from writer’s block at one time or another. You know you want to write, but you don’t know what to write about and even if you do have an idea you don’t know where to start or how to order your thoughts. Even the most prolific writers can experience this state, which can be frustrating and lead to feelings

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