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Amazing moments, amazing stories.

For me, photography is about visual communication, about story telling through images. It is about seeing beyond the obvious and creating something personal, capturing moments and images that are special to you, that illustrate your own way of thinking and seeing the world.  People take photos for all different reasons and many like to share their images on social media platforms or with friends and family.  To have a real interest in photography, though, you need to take the process a step further.  You need to be constantly on the lookout for images that spark your interest, try to capture these images as best you can and be able to accurately communicate your vision to a viewer. To be really interested in photography is to be a creator, a storyteller. In practising the art of photography you have to think like an artist, be observant, continually watch for the perfect moment to take your perfect shot. A lot of photography requires patience and involves some frustration that the required elements did not come together to create a worthwhile picture. But often the photographer has to just seize the moment and capture what is available, and on rare occasions something worthwhile presents itself; the lining up of elements that couldn't be planned or the capturing of a fleeting image. It is then that the real satisfaction comes and that travelling along the steep learning curve required to improve as a photographer begins to seem worthwhile. 

     These llamas just happened to walk into the 'frame'. A few seconds later the scene had changed completely.

My vision is to be a visual storyteller; to allow photography to speak to me and through me to others who might view my images. It is to allow photography to bring me more fully into the moment and to share that moment with others. It is to use photography to slow down, to become more mindful, more in tune with the world around me. My vision is to allow photography to lead me into the beauty that surrounds me and to become more fully alive as I try to absorb and ultimately capture that beauty.

Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit.

E. E. Cummings

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