I am delighted to launch my new blog site www.wildwillowways.com. In this blog I hope to share my first steps as a fledgling photographer, chronicling the ups and downs of learning a new skill and charting the (hopefully exciting!) journey on which my new hobby takes me.


My choice of photography as an interest is threefold. I welcome the challenge of learning new skills and perfecting techniques which have hitherto alluded me, and I also sense that this is the hobby that will help me to become more observant, more attuned to what is going on around me, more attentive in life. In addition, it is a pursuit that gives me the opportunity to share my progress with others and hopefully receive feedback by which I can assess my own performance. In any case, I will enjoy sharing in words and pictures as I travel this uncharted territority. I have always enjoyed journalling and having the opportunity to share a journey online can bring a personal journey to a much wider audience. As I embark on a challenging learning curve, that of getting to grips with the art of photography, it seems like a good opportunity to combine two loves and chronicle my learning path in a blog.

What is my ultimate aim in embarking on this steep learning curve? I want to take good photographs, photographs in which I can take pride. I want to learn new techniques, challenge myself as a photographer by experimenting and using my own techniques. I often find myself drawn to good photo opportunities but haven't the relevant know-how to translate these opportunities into a good photo. As in this example, (lower right), the setting offers many opportunities for a good shot - an abandoned dwelling with interesting grounds,  a heron posing for a photo - and all I had was a phone camera! This was my final inspiration, I had to do something to bring my passion to life, to learn all I could about this art of photography, the art of capturing that great photo.

The name WildWillowWays is in memory of my beautiful cat, Willow (pictured here with her brother, Pickle) who was killed tragically last summer. She was truly a free spirit, a gentle-natured cat who loved everyone and brought much joy to the household. I also intend to take my camera along wild Irish (and foreign) ways, and to allow this photography journey to take me in all kinds of directions.


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