How do we keep our blogs relevant in this time of crisis and uncertainty?

Is it sensitive to blog at the moment? Just what kind of content should we be creating right now? It's difficult to know how to approach blogging in these strange and unusual times. I find myself wanting to respond in some way to what is going on, to offer some help if I can, some positivity, yet at the same time I feel that the world probably has enough people doing just that, most of them more expert than I am. On the other hand, it seems rather vacuous to ignore the ongoing crisis and act as if everything is carrying on as normal, when it clearly is not. During this time I want to blog even more than usual. Blogging is thinking aloud and there is a lot to think about right now. Blogging h

Creativity Challenges

The above words are not the words we are hearing most often at the moment. We are more likely to hear the words fear, anxiety and panic as we all negotiate our way through this unprecedented health and economic crisis. Unfortunately though, these states of mind are not conducive to long term health and while anxiety might be a very normal reaction in a situation which seems to be worsening every day and in which we are so powerless, we do have to take steps to reduce our anxiety levels, for the sake of our mental health. While self-isolating, which many of us are doing at the moment, we need to practice self-care while also reaching out to others to give and receive help and support. Self-ca

Can creativity help in a time of crisis and uncertainty?

All changed, changed utterly… W.B. Yeats We are living through the greatest crisis seen by most of us living on earth at this time. Our ancestors may have endured similar global panics but their knowledge of what was going on was more limited. Today, due to the existence of our global communications network, we are aware of the very minute details of what is happening and this is most likely the reason for the sense of panic which is gripping the world at the moment. Global panic eventually reaches the individual and, try though we will, it is hard to avoid a feeling of impending doom at times. For those who are prone to feelings of anxiety these emotions become exaggerated. Many people are

How do you keep your head when everyone around you is losing theirs?

This is a question that has never been more pertinent than it is today, when the whole world seems to be falling into chaos. It’s difficult not to become fearful in the current Covid-19 situation, given the constant bombardment of news bulletins, constant updates and commentary on social media, global panic buying and stockpiling of goods, countries in shutdown and instances of virus infection growing every day. While it is undoubtedly a very serious situation, and a certain amount of fear and anxiety is inevitable, I think the scaremongering, sensationalism and doomsday predictions are making a bad situation a lot worse. Fear has become a real problem all over the world, and we tend to feed

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