Why I won’t give up my ‘real’ camera in favour of my phone camera

I’ll always remember the feeling of having my first camera in my hand. I was 11 years old and it was something I had set my heart on getting. The idea of taking pictures of people and places, then waiting in anticipation to have the film developed, held a fascination for me. Two years ago, when I bought my first digital SLR, the feeling was not quite the same, but not far off. I was looking forward to embarking on a new chapter in my life and this camera was going to be my companion on the journey. This was one of my first photos on my first photography 'shoot'. I didn't know anything about composition and worked on instinct, but I enjoyed the experience immensely. Without realising it, my e

6 common mobile phone photography mistakes to avoid

Everyone makes mistakes. Even those who are taking photographs for years make mistakes occasionally, but to my mind there are a few mistakes that are so basic that I know I shouldn’t be making them. If you are serious about phone photography these are mistakes you won’t want to make either. I hope that writing them out will help me to be more aware of these common errors and that reading about them will help you if you are making the same mistakes. I love to have my phone for those unexpected photo opportunities but I need to be serious about phone photography just as with camera photography, and avoid making common mistakes 1. Not checking the horizon This mistake is so basic that I can't a

Why I believe photography has sustained me through troubled times

For most of us, the last few months have been difficult in one way or another. Life as we knew it has changed. Things we took for granted are no longer ours for the taking. Travel (at least outside our own country) is denied to us; attending concerts, festivals and events are literally a non-event this year. Even having large get-togethers with family and friends has been curtailed for the immediate future. Despite the restrictions we are trying to make the best of a situation which we could not have foreseen and would never have believed could happen to us. We have had to find ways to sustain ourselves through this time of uncertainty. I know many people who have started a running regime an

6 ‘go to’ resources that have enhanced my smartphone photography

With the rise in popularity of mobile phone cameras in recent years has come a growing range of resources to help us make the most of our mobile camera technology. Below I have outlined 6 main areas in which I have found useful resources for getting started as a mobile photographer and/or discovering how to make the most of your mobile phone camera, which I hope you will find useful. · Online course iPhone Academy offers an online course which starts with basic, but sometimes unknown, tips for getting started with mobile photography and moves gradually to more advanced techniques. Each video lesson is explained clearly and there is an opportunity to comment or ask questions after each module

Samsung vs Apple: My smartphone camera ‘shoot off’ and why I jumped ship on this occasion

I have always been a Samsung user. My first smartphone was an early version of the Samsung Galaxy S series and I have tended to upgrade to the latest Galaxy every two years. I like Samsung phones and find that they have quite good battery life, an important consideration if they are being used as a camera. I have occasionally considered the possibility to moving to iPhone but have always resisted the attraction and stuck with Samsung. However, my Galaxy S9+ recently came to the end of its life so I was in the market for an upgrade. Once again, the possibility of change loomed. "The best camera is the one you have with you" Over the last two years, since I have become serious about photograph

An introduction to the potential of smartphone camera photography

Does the smartphone camera have potential for ‘real’ photography or is it solely for taking snapshots and social media sharing? Since it is the camera I always have on hand I decided to investigate its potential. With the numerous advances in smartphone camera technology in recent years the camera in your pocket has become a very capable image-making device and I don’t believe that smartphone cameras can any longer be totally dismissed as being inferior to ‘real’ cameras. Many of the modern phone cameras produce excellent image quality and, additionally, provide many of the opportunities for ‘real’ photography provided by dedicated cameras. Photography purists will insist that only a DSLR or

Here’s why I love doing photography near water

“For whatever we lose (like a you or a me) It’s always our self we find in the sea.” — e.e.cummings I love the sea. I have always found that walking by the sea is a way to attain a sense of serenity and perspective. Listening to the crashing sound of waves as they break, followed by their gentle lap onto the shore, is a form of mental therapy that I have come to appreciate. Being by the sea gives me a chance to breathe more deeply, to momentarily let go of worries and to get a sense that all is well in this moment. I’ve always been drawn to water. As a child, my favourite place-to-be was at a small river near my home, paddling my way through the water or sitting by the bubbling stream enjo

Starting photography on a budget? These are my go-to cameras and lenses that won’t break the bank

Would you like to try photography as a hobby but baulk at the idea of spending so much money on ‘gear’? Have you started with a kit lens but would like to spread your wings? Do you look at the price of camera lenses and decide to stick with your phone camera? These are some of the questions I asked myself, and obstacles I encountered, when starting photography. It can be an expensive hobby, with even ‘ordinary’ lenses costing hundreds of euro. For anyone starting out in photography it’s a big commitment. What if you don’t make it as a photographer? What if you don’t enjoy it, having spent all that money? I did a lot of research into cameras before making a decision on my first camera when st

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