What everyone should know about street photography (Part 2)

Street photography is becoming one of my favourite photography genres. I love to have my camera at the ready to snap those unexpected moments when I’m out and about with a few moments to spare, when I’m waiting for someone or when I’m just strolling around the streets. Somewhere among all those photos I may find a gem some day! Photographer Taha Muharuma (with over 33k followers @TahaPhoto) says that street photography is “just capturing candid scenes, wherever that may be”. He believes that in street photography “You’re always looking for one thing that will make a scene unique”. I am still a novice in this genre of photography, but I do approach it with a passion that motivates me to want

Do you think that image processing is cheating?

Post processing of images has always been a topic of much discussion in photography circles, with many people claiming that image processing is cheating while others assert that it is a fundamental part of photography. Personally, I don’t believe that post processing or small amounts of editing our images is cheating, but I am willing to consider the argument. Firstly, let me say that I do see a difference between deliberate manipulation of a photograph to alter the meaning or story that it tells and simply straightening an image or adjusting colour and contrast, but essentially the former applies to photo journalism and documentary photography where truth is paramount, and there are ethics

What everyone should know about starting street photography

I have been reluctant to do street photography for a few reasons, not least of which is the fear of invading people’s privacy. Unlike other forms of photography, street photography, or candid photography, involves taking photographs of people, usually without their knowledge or consent. I have been slow to do that, possibly because of fear of doing something wrong. To try and overcome this fear, I enrolled in a street photography workshop in my local city and this certainly allayed most of my fears and it also gave me a love of this type of photography. There is something special about taking photographs of candid moments and natural interactions that motivates me to want to do more candid p

How I chose the blogging platform that was right for my needs

When I started my journey into developing my photography skills I didn't consider becoming a blogger. What I wanted was a place to share my photos and my learning, a kind of online diary, although I knew that would be essentially a blog of sorts. Given that I had a specific idea in mind for what I wanted, the first thing I had to do was some research into blogging platforms on which to host my site. I had some limited experience with writing a work related blog and had worked on the dashboard of a Wordpress site, but I had limited knowledge of the workings of the site and felt that to become proficient in using Wordpress might be a steep learning curve. So I had to ask myself a few questio

Common questions asked by new photographers

Are you new to photography? Are you thinking about starting photography as a hobby? Do you have some questions and are not sure where to find the answers? I invite you to read on and you just might find the information you are looking for. Recently I had a conversation with someone who is thinking seriously about starting photography. Just as I had when I came back to photography, she has a background in photography from many years ago, but her skills are rusty, and she has not kept abreast of new technologies except for smartphone technologies. She was interested in finding out about my experience of returning to photography, so she decided to ‘pick my brains’ on the topic! This ‘commonly a

2020 Photography Show Goes Virtual

The annual Photography Show and Video Show, normally held in Birmingham, England, is going virtual this year with a planned ‘Virtual Festival’ on September 20th and 21st. The move to an online platform for 2020 will open up the photography show to a global audience and give a chance to those who would not normally be able to attend, myself included, to participate in this annual exhibition of all things photographic. From the comfort of your home you can browse through over 100 exhibition stands and view the latest photography and video gear, including the latest offerings from top camera brands such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Fujifilm and Panasonic. You can develop your creativity and

How the use of leading lines can improve your photography

Using leading lines to improve photography composition is a technique I have encountered over and over in my photography learning and it is something worth dedicating some time to as it is a technique that really can make a difference to the look of an image. I realise that I am using leading lines more and more often and have found that it is useful to have some knowledge of how leading lines work in order to know how they can be used to improve images. What are leading lines? Leading lines are lines that are used by the photographer to lead the viewer’s eye into the frame, towards a subject or point of interest. They can also create depth in a photograph and are often considered to be one

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