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Image Gallery - Marlay Park, Dublin

Chat in the park

In recent years photography has been my way to carve a personal, creative space in a busy, stressful world.

Fortunately, I have found my photographic home in a beautiful woodland park at the foot of the Dublin mountains, a mere 10-minute walk from my home.

It is a place where people come to meet, to walk, to talk, to be with nature or to enjoy some much-needed solitude.

Marlay Park and Demesne is my woodland sanctuary, a place of beauty which constantly inspires me, nourishes me, fills my soul with wonder and provides me with a creative space in which to dream, to imagine, to create and to feel alive.

All these images were created in this woodland and they each depict a different aspect of this beautiful photographic haven – its people, its tree ‘characters’, its vibrant colour, its myriad of patterns and shapes.

This woodland is a place which constantly gives to the photographer. There is no end to the possibilities, to the potential for image making.

This is a small sample of the many images I have created there.

Image Gallery, Marlay Park, Dublin


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