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Photography at the End of the Earth: A Stunning Video I Recommend

Updated: May 5

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I recently watched (and re-watched) this stunning video from photographer and film maker, Rick Bebbington.

Rick calls it a Photo/Video diary of his recent trip to Antarctica, where he spent 11 days photographing and filming in the world's coldest place. During the course of the video Rick explains how the expedition completely changed how he thinks about his photography, his work and even his life.

Rick's role on the expedition was to document the trip for the participants of the photography workshop which was being run by some well known photographers.

The video includes some stunning film and photography of the amazing Antarctic landscape - mountains, icebergs, glaciers, as well as some iconic station buildings linked to previous expeditions - and, to his own surprise, some amazing close up images of the native wildlife.

What really enhances the imagery is Rick's thought provoking commentary as he tracks the route taken by the group and offers some insights into the history of the places visited.

As well as being an excellent photographer and film-maker, Rick is also a gifted storyteller, as witnessed in this video.

If you would like to see some awe-inspiring images, breath-taking video footage, and thoughtful narration, all giving an insight into the beauty of Antarctica, you will enjoy this stunning video.

You can watch Rick's video, Photography at the End of the Earth, here

You can view Rick's images here


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