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7 Ways to Beat Creative Block

A Guest Blog by John Adams

If you are employed in a creative industry, you have probably encountered the dreaded creative block time and again. Whether you are a photographer, writer, artist, entertainer, or filmmaker, it is not out of the ordinary to feel uninspired or hollow sometimes. You may have been working too hard recently, suffered a personal crisis, or perhaps you just feel tired or bored all the time for no apparent reason. There is no specific time or place for a creative block; it just happens and you never know how long it may stretch. I do not know of a magical cure that works for every creator, because we are all individuals who rely on a unique process. Nonetheless, the following practices can help you escape this cycle of misery.

1. Give Up and Cry

I’m not kidding or mocking anyone. Crying (with audible bawling and visible tears) is a good thing, irrespective of age and gender. It is oh so important to release your frustration, no matter how horrific it sounds and looks. By the time the sobs cease and eye streams stop rolling, you shall feel a lot lighter and content. Following up with a long nap and comfort meal is even better. You can go back to feeling and acting normal after that.

2. Get Out

Seriously, get out! Staying within a confined real estate all the time has curbed your imagination as well. How can you think out of the box unless you come out of it? Go for a long walk, meet up with friends, go on a date, take a road trip, try a new cuisine, do some window or actual shopping, etc. The change of atmosphere and scenery is healthy for your mental health, and thereby creative tendencies.

3. Read and Stream

Reading a good book, watching an unseen movie, or streaming an interesting show are all decent means of diverting the mind from haunting thoughts of not being able to create something worthwhile again. Somewhere along the way something will click and inspiration will strike; until then relax and enjoy the distraction.

4. Engage in Humdrum Chores

If you want to get rid of the stress caused by creative block, whilst being productive, get busy with household chores. Washing the dishes, scrubbing floors, and doing the laundry will utilize all the negative energy pent up inside you. As your mind clears up, it becomes a welcoming canvas for creative thinking.

5. Induce a Powerful Emotion

Many writers and artists work best when they are overwhelmed by a strong emotion like sadness, pain, or anger. In order to achieve that state of mind, you shall have to expose yourself to triggers. This might not be the healthiest approach for everyone, but it works. You may recall the death of a loved one, the time a trusted friend betrayed you, how the love of your life broke your heart, or when your ex was meeting up with a divorce lawyer behind your back.

6. Try a fresh Perspective

Sometimes it is helpful to bounce ideas off someone else. This person does not have to be an expert creative from your field; in fact, the more naïve the better. A random and raw point of view can often lead towards the right direction. For instance, if you are a filmmaker, ask people in your neighborhood about their favorite movie from your favorite genre. Then ask them about improvements they would make to that film, and what kind of movie they would love to watch or make?

7. Pursue the Silliest of Ideas

A true creative never treats any idea like a bad one. The silliest of opinions and impressions can become building blocks of a masterpiece. If you are onto something but it doesn’t seem good enough, do not discard it before giving it a fair shot. You may actually surprise yourself with the outcome, or worst case scenario is that your assumptions hold true and you earn a valuable lesson for life. Not every idea and creation has to be perfect; allow yourself to make mistakes and enjoy some harmless fun for a change.

Author Bio

John Adams is a lifestyle blogger who concentrates on health, fitness, and self-development. He encourages readers to fight their fears and overcome obstacles holding them back. He believes that every person can improve the quality of his/her life by thinking positive and making better choices. He loves to share his insight on life experiences, and contributes on various online platforms in the same niche.

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