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How to Re-Connect With Your Creativity - Watch This Video From Kim Grant

Updated: Jan 27

Updated 2023

At the coast

This is a slight departure from my usual type of post, but something has prompted me to share this video from Scottish photographer Kim Grant.

I have previously written posts about the connection between photography and wellbeing and I have an interest in promoting wellbeing through whatever works for each person.

When I watched this video, I was struck by two things – the honesty shown by Kim Grant about her struggle with creativity and motivation, and the practical exercise she suggests to help anyone who is struggling in a similar way.

The video was watched by 10K viewers in the first four days and has resonated with many people on YouTube and Instagram.

Before I mention the video, I would like to give a short background to the photographer in question, Kim Grant.

Kim is well known for her photography channel, Visualising Scotland, in which she has travelled all around Scotland taking beautiful photographs of iconic Scottish landmarks and well-known locations, as well as of hidden gems.

During times of restrictions on travel Kim concentrated on photographing her own area, the stunningly beautiful Moray coast, and she diversified into close up images showcasing some of the geology of this coastline as well as becoming more creative with her photography by using the ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) approach.

In 2023 Kim was the founder of Photographic Connections, an initiative which hopes to empower people to enhance their wellbeing through photography and creativity. As part of Photographic Connections Kim hosts photography wellbeing weekends, conducts interviews with other interesting photographers through a weekly podcast and collaborates with like minded creatives who are interested in mindful photography and using creative approaches.

Kim’s photography appeals to me because I too love landscape photography, in particular coastal landscapes, I like to experiment with creative techniques such as ICM and I like to take a mindful approach to my photography.

But most of all I like Kim‘s ethos with regard to photography.

Kim uses her photography as a path to wellbeing, and she has often described how photography brings her closer to nature and more able to connect with herself and her environment.

As an accomplished photographer and photography teacher, Kim inspires everyone, even beginner photographers, to go out, camera in hand, and immerse themselves in nature, enjoying the real benefits that photography can bring.

She believes in encouraging others to enjoy the experience of taking photographs, even if they are not going to do anything with the final images.

In this video Kim describes in an honest way how she has recently felt that her lust for life has diminished, how she has struggled with a lack of motivation, even to get out of bed at times, and how this has affected her creativity and her connection with herself and her environment.

Kim shares a practical, effective technique to overcome this difficult time and to help others to re-connect with themselves, with life and with their creativity.

This video has resonated with people all over the world and will appeal to anyone who needs a boost to overcome a temporary slump in motivation.

The video is called, This is a Game Changer: Gaining a New Perspective as a Photographer.

Watch it and judge for yourself.

If the content of the video resonates with you, or if you know someone who might enjoy it, please feel free to share.

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