Experimenting with aperture.

When I started on my photography journey I knew very little about the vocabulary of photography. Terms such as ‘bokeh’ were new to me, and while I was familiar with the term aperture, I didn’t know how it worked in photography terms. After some study into this area I now know the basics and have become familiar with how aperture works to create depth of field. When I have a wide aperture (low F stop) I am able to focus on a subject and blur the background, in other words create a shallow depth of field. I recently took this information out ‘into the field’ to put some of my learning into practice.

I was happy with this nice blurry background.

I started in my own garden isolating some flowers and blurring the backgrounds. My lens allows an aperture of F1.8 but I discovered that I couldn’t focus properly at this aperture so mostly used a slightly higher F stop.

I did a few experiments indoors and further afield, attempting in each case to isolate a subject and blur the background. Normally choice of subject would be important in shots like this as it is the main focus of the shot, although for experimentation purposes I wasn’t too concerned with that.

Taking the experimentation with aperture a little further, in the next shot I attempted to isolate the third pillar and blur the others, while in the apple experiments, using an f stop of 2.8, I tried to focus on each apple in turn, blurring the others. This technique would be useful for focusing on one person in a crowd and blurring everyone else.

My second experiment was with opening the aperture to different widths and taking shots of lights.

My next experiments will be with shutter speed.

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