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How I Approached the EARTH Photography Challenge

I am currently taking part in a photography challenge, the second of four being presented by photographer Kim Grant.

The challenges are based on the four elements, this one being Earth.

The criteria for participation in the challenge are:

(1) The image must have something to do with earth.

(2) The image should be as creative as possible.

In the first challenge, Water, I visited three locations – a seashore, a lakeshore and a riverbank – and in each of the locations I had a look for compositions that might make for a creative image.

Since earth is such a huge topic, and open to interpretation in many ways, I decided to take a different approach with this challenge.

I opted to concentrate on the creative aspect of the challenge, and I divided my topic into four creative themes:

· Abstract

· Close-up

· Ancient earth


Another consideration is how to define ‘earth’ in the context of the challenge.

While earth may be all around us, it’s not the same as landscape or environment as these can both include human-made elements.

For the purposes of the challenge, I am choosing to define earth as purely naturally occurring elements such as stone, trees, grass, sand, rock, soil, plants, hedges, mud, in fact anything that occurs in nature and is not made or built by human hand.

The real challenge was to use these earth elements to produce a creative image, so I set out to capture some images under each of the headings above.



Ancient earth

ICM (Intentional Camera Movement)

The Earth Challenge is open until October 18th and all details are available on Kim Grant's YouTube channel.


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