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How I Maintain My Interest in Photography

Updated: 6 days ago


Sometimes when I meet people who are not photographers, but who know that I am passionate about photography, I am asked one of two questions:

What do you do with all the photos you take?


Do you not get fed up taking all those photos?

I am sure that coming from non-photographers those are valid questions, but the last time I was asked one of them I was sitting with a cyclist, a road runner and a sea swimmer, respectively. That got me thinking, what is it about their pursuits that make them different to photography? None of these three people engage in their pursuits in a competitive way, they do what they do purely for enjoyment and for the various other benefits that these pursuits bring. And these are exactly the reasons I love photography and have chosen it as my favourite activity. It gets me outdoors, taking exercise, being observant of what is around me and engaging my creative side.


Just as in non-competitive cycling, running or swimming, it is the process, the activity itself, that is important, rather than the outcome.

Photography does differ from some other pursuits in that there is a desired outcome – a pleasing image – but for me that is not the most important aspect of photography.

So, what is it that helps me maintain my interest in photography if it’s not the pursuit of a good image?

I believe that if I am going to maintain my interest in photography for more than a short time, and not become disheartened at an inevitable lack of good images, it must be about something other than the image.



When I dig deeper into what it is about photography that brings enjoyment and fulfilment, I believe that personal development comes top of the list.

Photography has helped me to become more aware of the world I live in, more appreciative of the small things that exist all around me, more respectful of nature and the abundance it gives me throughout the year.


Through photography I have tapped into my creative side and come to realise that creativity is ever expanding and can bring a great sense of accomplishment.

When I am out with my camera, I engage my mind and my senses, I am constantly learning and discovering new things and I have a sense of purpose which is an important component of positive mental health.


Photography has brought me a sense of connection - to myself, to others and to the world around me.

Landscape photography of all types brings connection to nature, to the elements, to the vastness of the world on one hand and the mysterious working of the tiny, usually unseen, macro world on the other.


Street and urban photography bring connection to others. We observe and experience humanity in all it’s forms, appreciate diversity of peoples, lands and cultures, and begin to see and embrace beauty in the ordinary and meaning in the midst of the mundane lives which most of us live.



Do I get fed up taking all those photos?

The answer is a resounding No!

Photography is about so much more than just taking photographs, a statement with which anyone who loves photography will heartily agree.

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