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How to Use Live Photos on iPhone 11 Pro

Would you like to capture a silky waterfall by using a simple technique on your iPhone?

Recently I went out with the sole intention of trying out Live Photos on my iPhone 11 Pro.

I was particularly interested in seeing if I could get a silky waterfall image, similar to that achieved with a dedicated camera and slow shutter speed.

I found a suitable waterfall, opened the phone camera and turned on Live Photos.

How to locate Live Photos

Live Photos is easy to use.

When you open your camera, you’ll see a circle icon in the top right-hand corner with a line through it.

Tap on the circle to turn on Live Photos.

The line will disappear.

It is now possible to capture motion using your iPhone.

I shot this photo using Live Photos

When you have taken your shot, open the image from the square on the bottom left of the camera screen.

Scroll up from the bottom of the image to reveal EffectsLoop, Bounce and Long Exposure (screenshot)

Choose Long Exposure and watch as your image is transformed into a long exposure image.

I experimented with the effect again using a spinning garden ornament.

Is the effect as good as that achieved by a dedicated camera? No.

Do you get the same experience as using a dedicated camera with its range of shutter speeds? No.

But despite the fact that using Live Photos on an iPhone to capture motion doesn't quite match what can be achieved with a real camera, using Live Photos is fun and easy to use.

Whenever I come across a beautiful waterfall or other moving object I can take out my phone and easily make an image that captures the motion, adding another dimension to mobile phone photography.

Why not give Live Photos a try if you have the option on your phone?


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