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If I Could Give Just One Piece of Photography Advice It Would Be...

Let yourself be Inspired!

I have always been interested in photography.

Ever since I got my first camera at the age of ten I have loved going out and taking photographs.

Yet at every stage of my photography journey I have found myself losing interest and lacking motivation to continue.

I have recently discovered why this kept happening - I felt that I wasn’t good enough as a photographer, so why bother?

This time it’s been different.

I have been doing photography consistently now for almost four years and my love for it has grown.

I love to go out at all times of day, in all weathers, to try and capture some images.

When I am feeling stressed or low I go out with my camera and I immediately feel better.

When I am excited about something or some place I want to take a picture of it.

When I have missed a day or two of photography I feel an urge to get back out there and see what I can find to shoot.

When I have my camera in my hand and I’m out in nature I feel more alive, more connected to all that is around me, more content with the world. I feel better able to forget my worries and cares, if only for a short while.

So what has changed since all the other times when I thought photography would be a lifelong pursuit only to discover it wasn’t?

This time I am taking photographs for me.

That critical voice in my head that told me I wasn’t good enough has been largely silenced.

I am no longer concerned about whether someone else likes my images or whether I am ‘good enough’ as a photographer.

I am now the judge of my own images.

I decide what I like and what needs improvement.

I now allow myself to go out and be drawn to an image that I want to take.

I allow myself to be inspired by where I am and what is around me, and my photography experience has changed completely.

So if I could give just one piece of advice to a new photographer it would be this…

let yourself be inspired!

Be inspired to get up early and photograph in the early morning stillness.

Be inspired to walk on a deserted beach at dusk to capture a beautiful sunset.

Be inspired to look for interesting trees in a woodland, unusual rocks on a lakeshore or intriguing patterns in the sand.

Be inspired to watch and listen and wait until your subject presents itself to you.

Be inspired to immerse yourself in your surroundings so that you are part of the scene that you want to capture.

Be inspired to capture images that you love, in places that you love and in ways that are right for you.

Be inspired to grow with your photography, to keep moving on, to enjoy the process as well as, or more than, the results.

Be inspired to experiment, to discover, to be creative, to learn from your mistakes and to have fun making them.

Be inspired to capture images that you love, in places that you love and in ways that are right for you.

Be inspired to appreciate where you are and where photography has brought you.

Let yourself be inspired and you will be rewarded by experiencing joy and fulfilment and a sense of well-being every time you go out with your camera.

Why not go out, with your camera or your phone, and be inspired!


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