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Image Gallery - Use of Water in Creative Photography

Water is a great subject for creative photography. It lends itself to long exposure, intentional camera movement (ICM), water reflections, water droplets, and rain photography, without even mentioning sea water and all the possibilities that brings.

For this gallery I have concentrated on creative use of long exposure and intentional camera movement.

I have experimented with these techniques using both camera and phone, and although my results were hit and miss, I thoroughly enjoyed the process.

Here are some of the resulting images:

Image Gallery - Use of Water in Creative Photography

Why not try some creative water photography? You can experiment with different shutter speeds, a variety of movements, and even use the long exposure setting on your phone.

There is no right or wrong way to do creative water photography, there are no rules and you are the judge of whether the images turn out as you expected.

Creative water photography is all about experimentation, discovering something new and having fun with your camera.


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