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Marlay - A Park for all Seasons

I live near Marlay Park in the Rathfarnham area of South Dublin, at the foothills of the Dublin Mountains, and this is where I have done a lot of my photography practice. To many people this park is synonymous with the Longitude festival and Marlay Park concerts during the summer, but for those living in close proximity to the park it is alternatively a year round oasis of calm in the middle of the city, a hive of sports and culinary activity, and a venue for a host of special events throughout the year. To me, this park is an inspirational location for my photo shoots as it offers almost every photography opportunity that I require. It works for shooting landscape, wildlife, nature and people. It provides opportunities to shoot in aperture priority, shutter priority and to do macro photography. It yields different results depending on the time of day, the season or the weather. It has all of life within its expansive grounds and gives me no excuse not to improve my photography. I am confident that I could shoot an image there every day for a year if required. Here are some of the images which I have made in these beautiful surroundings.

Capturing and freezing motion

Marlay's numerous waterfalls provide great opportunities to experiment with shutter speed

The Marlay Monster?

Feeding Time?

Capturing the beauty

A place to relax

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. -Albert Einstein


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