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Memories of Summer 2019!

Learning to see, or learning to see in a deeper way, is the journey that every photographer should be on - Anthony Epes

Sometimes it is not easy to see the wonder of our own country. We often have difficulty in seeing a view in a different way as we feel we have seen that view so many times before. But the reality is that we only ever see a fraction of what is around us so it is always worth challenging ourselves to become better at observing our world and finding something interesting wherever we are, even if that place is so familiar that we think it has nothing new to offer.

Taking on board this challenge during summer 2019 I looked for different views in familiar places, tried to capture well known scenes in different light or from a different vantage point, and tried to notice something different in a place that is so familiar that I think there is nothing new to notice.

These are some of my memories of summer 2019.

Goodbye Summer 2019!


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