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Photography Basics Course by Chris Orange: A Quick Overview

If you are a beginner in photography or if you would like to refresh your photography skills, then this Photography Basics course might be for you.

Presented by photographer Chris Orange, an accomplished photographer who is very much in demand in his professional capacity, this free course is delivered over 7 sessions on YouTube, each session covering an important basic skill in photography.

The course begins with an explanation of Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO and continues with other technical aspects of photography such as Focus Modes, Metering Modes, and the use of Lenses and Filters.

Chris continues by looking at the creative side of photography and shares his method for taking powerful images. He discusses techniques for good composition, how to use the best available light, storytelling through photography and photography mindset.

In lesson 6 Chris presents a ‘how to’ lesson on the art of black and white photography and he finishes the course with a final lesson on understanding exposure.

Lesson 6 of the course is entirely devoted to a discussion of black and white photography, in particular the effect produced by using different filters. It is a topic of interest to many photographers and something which can be difficult to get right. I learned a lot from this lesson and will apply some of this learning to my future black and white photography.


Before you begin the course Chris presents his own credentials as a photographer, giving you an insight into his experience and the quality and diversity of his work.

I highly recommend this course as the lessons are delivered in an easy to understand and accessible manner and they help the beginner photographer to make sense of difficult concepts and get started on their photography journey.

However, these lessons are not just for beginners and many of the comments from participants are from those who have been doing photography for a while but who found that the lessons provided a welcome boost to their learning.

You can check out the first video lesson here and follow the links to access further lessons.


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