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Photography Challenges

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

One of my greatest difficulties with photography in the past has been getting out in all weathers to take photographs. It has been easy during summer months, with sunny days and long evenings conducive to good photo opportunities, but my enthusiasm has traditionally waned during the winter months. In order to keep my motivation alive this year I decided to give myself some photography challenges. There are a number of websites which give interesting suggestions for short-term and long-term topics. Ideas such as a ‘365 project’ crop up often, with variations like taking a photo in the same place each day of the year, for example in a local park. If this is too onerous, a similar suggestion is to take one inspirational photo a week. There are also numerous photographic themes for challenges, for example taking photographs of one colour (which offers lots of possibilities), animals, different points of view, etc. A website called provides numerous challenges to keep all photographers busy and an incentive to post to the site is the ability to move up the ranks and to swap photos which are not performing well in a particular challenge. Below are some challenges which I have either tried out or put on my future list. Even this short list offers unlimited potential for further photographs and making improvements.



Something beginning with ‘T’

Less is More

Old Things



Inspirational Photographs

Black and White


In the city


Items of a particular colour




Something beginning with 'T'

Less is More

Something Orange

Autumn Scenes

Inspired by a poem

A Woodland’s Charm

I came upon a sacred view along my way; While walking through the woods one day, Such calm & beauty gave me pause when it appeared like a dream; While I beheld this enchanted woodland scene, With the steady flow of water softly falling & emitting very little sound; As it caressed the small rocks & fertile ground; Where all the autumn trees seemed to embrace it into it's loving arms, Adding to this woodland's charm; While the crisp air surrounding left me feeling renewed once again, Capturing all my senses for a brief moment in time; And it will forever remain a sweet memory in my mind.

Jean Dament

Inspirational Photographs

Once I began to take some photographs for this theme it gave me an incentive to stop and look at what is around me, to find inspiration wherever I am. Some of these photographs were taken with a smartphone, and none were enhanced in any way. This exercise helped me to realise that I don't have to strive to take the perfect photograph but simply to enjoy what I am photographing, to see beauty and strive to capture that beauty as best I can.

Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart.

Ancient Indian Proverb


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