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How to Make the Most of Rainy-Day Photography

Yellow umbrella

Most photographers have a good idea of the type of weather they prefer for their type of photography, and for most, wet weather would not be top of the list. Yet weather is one element over which we have no control so all we can do is adapt ourselves to the conditions.

This year, after an unseasonably hot June, we had a very wet July and August in Ireland. We had day after day of grey skies and rain, with hardly anything resembling good light for photography.

As we move on in the year it is important to make the most of outdoor photography; to get out with our cameras, in the fresh air, enjoying the natural landscape or walking the streets observing people going about their daily business.

None of this is a very enticing prospect in the rain, and there will inevitably be more rain to come, so how do we make the most of rainy-day photography?

Fortunately, there are several possibilities for photography on more inclement days. From macro images of raindrops to colourful umbrellas on the street, from reflections in puddles to creative abstracts, there are lots of photographic opportunities during and after the rain.

Below are some of the rainy-day photography possibilities.


woman in raincoat

black umbrella at crossing

rainbow umbrella

girl holding her hood

red umbrella

multi-coloured umbrella

blue umbrella

polka dot umbrella

checked umbrella

couple under umbrella

covered by umbrella

three lads, two umbrellas

umbrellas galore

king past chocolate cafe


cloud in puddle

tree in puddle

house in puddle

lamppost reflection


raindrops on car

raindrops, two leaves

raindrops, one leaf

raindrops on chair

through the windscreen

I have confined this set of images to those which need rain to be possible. I hope they will inspire you to get out and find some images, even on rainy days.


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