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What is the ‘Everyday Camera Philosophy’ and How Can it Improve Your Photography?

Fog, Vila Real

I heard about the Everyday Camera Philosophy some time ago and it interested me, so it has now become part of my photography journey.

I was delighted to see a recent YouTube video on the topic from photographer and film maker, Rick Bebbington (link below), which prompted me to write this post.

So, what is the Everyday Camera Philosophy and how can it help your photography?

Put simply, the Everyday Camera Philosophy refers to the idea of having a camera that you can take with you everyday, or at least on most days. This camera needs to be small and lightweight to fit into a bag or pocket and be a camera that you enjoy using. An everyday camera can be taken on a work commute, a trip into town, or a trip out of the country. It can accompany you when travelling by plane, train, car, bus or while walking or cycling.

In short, you choose your camera and bring it with you every day wherever you go.

Marina silhouette

What type of camera should this be?

This is personal to each individual but, since it needs to be small and lightweight, the best choices would be a small mirrorless camera or a fixed lens camera.

My camera of choice is my Olympus OMD EM10 Mark ii, coupled with a 14-42mm pancake lens. I bring it in my car when on a road journey so that I don’t miss an eye-catching subject, I carry it in my bag when commuting into the city so that I am always ready for some street photography, I pack it in my hand luggage when travelling abroad so that I will always have a camera at hand for travel photography and I take it with me on my morning walk to capture those unexpected moments that may occur.

Car with plastic windows

Many of you reading this will no doubt say, ‘I have an everyday camera, it’s on my phone.’

I often use my phone camera when I don’t have any other camera with me but in my view, there are pros and cons to using your phone camera as your everyday camera.

While a phone camera is good for quick snapshots it doesn’t have that real camera feel to it that I like. You don’t hold it like a camera or adjust settings as you do on a camera and, in my view, you don’t get the real photographer experience with a phone camera that you get even with a small camera. That’s why I carry my Olympus camera even though I always have my phone camera with me.

On a recent trip to Portugal I had my everyday camera to capture the essence of the place, Vila Real De Santo Antonio.

I believe there are many benefits to photography from adopting the Everyday Camera Philosophy. Again, Rick Bebbington's video covers these so don't just take my word for it.

Benefits of the Everyday Camera Philosophy

By adopting the Everyday Camera Philosophy, you are giving your photography brain a workout at every possible opportunity.

You will come to know your camera so well that you won’t have to think about settings and menu options.

You will develop an innate sense for good composition.

You will often be able to catch the best light, observe the most interesting subjects and capture some unique moments that would not have been possible if your camera had been at home waiting for a ‘planned’ photography shoot.

You will begin to weave the art of storytelling with your camera into the fabric of your everyday life.

Packing up

The plate sale

Having a rest

Final Thoughts

The Everyday Camera Philosophy is a simple concept that could have far-reaching benefits for your development as a photographer.

Simply by choosing a camera, taking it with you and using it at every opportunity, you will give yourself the best opportunity to grow in skill and confidence as a photographer, and you never know what you will capture!

Out of the shadows

After the rain


Why not give the Everyday Camera Philosophy a try and see if it makes a difference?

You might like to check out Rick Bebbington's video below:


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