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What Type Of Photography Do You Do?

I am often asked this question and I have difficulty in giving a correct answer.

I could say that I like all types of landscape photography yet I also enjoy making abstract images and doing ICM photography.

I could say that I enjoy street photography, but it might be more accurate to call it urban photography, and I have enjoyed experimenting with architectural imagery too.

I could say that I like to photograph flowers and making close-up images in nature, and that I really love minimalist photography.

I could say that my favourite subject to shoot is trees, but I could also say that I love photographing boats and bridges and walls and gates, and even houses and other buildings, particularly old buildings.

So, it’s not easy to give a quick answer to the question...

I have discovered that the best, and most accurate, answer I can give is to say that I love to experiment in photography.

I don't want to confine myself to one or two genres, and I hope to continue diversifying and discovering new photography passions.

Here are some recent images that are characteristic of my photography.

Do you ever ask yourself what sort of photography you do?

You might be interested in your answer.


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