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Why it’s Not Good to Define Our Photography Too Narrowly

abandoned canoes

Whenever I tell someone that I am interested in photography, invariably the next question will be,

What type of photography do you do?

Within the question there often appears to be a subconscious expectation that it’s best to confine ourselves to one type of photography; to specialise and become proficient in one genre rather than dabble in many genres.

But I don't believe that it's a good idea to define our photography too narrowly.

Maybe I read too much into the question, or maybe I have those subconscious beliefs about my own photography, but whatever it is I was interested to come across a video from photographer Roman Fox, in which he discusses this question in relation to his own work as a photographer.

The video includes some lovely images shot in Malta.

I hope the video will give you some food for thought as to why it’s not good to define our photography too narrowly.

I recently made a decision to give myself the freedom to experiment in photography, to take my photography in lots of different directions, to just explore the world with my camera rather than confining myself to a specific genre.

My enjoyment of photography has definitely increased as I discover the freedom involved in not defining my photography, just doing my photography my way!

You can check out Roman Fox's video here.


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