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Why We Need to Make the Most of Nature's Winter Wonderland

It can be difficult to motivate ourselves to do photography during the winter months.

Dull, drab days are often not conducive to good photography, and even on bright days it can be cold and uninviting outside.

Despite this, it might seem strange to say that I have had some of my most enjoyable days of photography on crisp winter mornings and for me it is important to keep getting out and making the most of all that nature has to offer in winter.

Last year I wrote a post about making the most of winter photo opportunities when the weather is dull and drab, with no dramatic conditions such as frost, fog or snow to add interest to our photographs.

In that post I shared some photos that I took of beautiful winter sunsets and also photos of winter trees which I think make great subjects, and I suggested that we can get out and make the most of what winter has to offer, despite the lack of ideal winter conditions.

But there is a limit to what we can do in photography when the light is poor and the sky is a boring grey.

This year has brought some more interesting winter conditions so I felt it was important to make the most of any photo opportunities that presented themselves.

Below are some images that I captured on a recent cold frosty day in and around my local park.

I hope you like them.

Days like this don't come often and conditions can change very quickly. Making these images on this beautiful winter day was both enjoyable and memorable and that is why I think it is important to make the most of all that winter has to offer to photographers.

I hope this winter brings you lots of opportunities to make great photographs.

I am looking forward to more exciting winter photo opportunities before the season ends.

Happy Holidays.


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