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Autumn Images Gallery

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Some photographers shy away from doing autumn photography. They consider it to be too clichéd and repetitive, a type of photography that hardly requires any photography skill as nature itself does most of the work.

I disagree.

In a recent post I talked about the reasons why I love autumn for photography. I feel more motivated to go out when the world around me is full of colour - sometimes shrouded in mist before the sun breaks through, sometimes crisp and dry and calling me to make some images.

I am drawn to the variety and abundance of colour that awakens my senses and gives me an enormous sense of gratitude for being alive to witness it all again for another short season before the winter comes to take it all away.

I have really enjoyed my autumn photography this year.

Here is my autumn images gallery of images taken over the past two weeks.

I hope you enjoy it.


By the stream

walking in the park

outside the cafe

silver birch

Red in the park

The bench


Path through the woods

Rusty tree

Leaves on the path

Swan on the lake

Hanging branch

Two trees and stone wall

Framed by trees

Colour on the lake

Rusty leaves

Muddy path

Autumn tree

Trees and a seat

branch over the bridge

S bend

Sun star


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