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Why I Love Autumn Photography

Trees in autumn

I love going out in all seasons to do photography, but autumn is definitely my favourite season.

Autumn offers something unique that no other season can quite match, and that is stunning colour.

Autumn in the park

Nothing can beat taking a walk in the countryside, or in a city park, and observing the beautiful oranges, yellows, reds, golds and rusty browns which nature shows off in this season.

coloured leaves

But it's not just the autumn colours that make this season great for photography.

For me, it's also about being out in the chilly air on a clear autumn morning, which accentuates the sense of change that's happening all around.

It's about the mixture of emotions as we say goodbye to summer and yet have a sense of gratitude for being alive to see another autumn unfold before us.

It's about the opportunity to feel awe and wonder at the magnificence of nature at its best; to observe beauty around every corner and even encounter the occasional surprise.

spider web

It's about those misty, moody mornings when everything is hiding behind a curtain of fog and the earth seems so still.

foggy webs

It's about those rainy days which bring out the true vibrance of the autumn colours.

close up colours

And when the sun breaks through the early morning mist, and bathes everything in a golden glow, that is the cherry on the cake!

Five trees

branch overhanging

Autumn is a season of beauty, colour, change, often moody but always providing wonderful photographic opportunities.

That's why I love autumn photography.

Why not have a look at my autumn images gallery.


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