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Do You Like Summer Photography?

There are varying views among photographers as to which season is best for photography.

Those who do street photography look for strong light and shadow so summer is very suitable for this type of photography.

Many landscape photographers don't like summer precisely because of the harsh light which makes everything too contrasty and they prefer autumn or winter when the light is more muted.

Autumn brings diversity of colour and texture to the landscape and the light is soft and warm. Winter brings a harsher landscape that can lend itself to minimalist images and is often great for fabulous sunrises and sunsets.

Fog and misty conditions are favoured by most landscape photographers as they convey mood and mystery, and these conditions are less likely to be found in summer.

But there is a time of year that appeals to me for landscape photography and that is where spring changes to early summer.

Colours become vibrant again and everything seems fresh and new. Mornings and evenings are bright and give plenty of time to get out with our camera and capture some of the things we see around us.

Early summer is a time to immerse ourselves in the abundance of nature, to observe, to wander, to be present to our surroundings and hopefully to come home with some pleasing images.

We have had a pleasant month of May in Ireland. It has been unusually warm and dry so there have been no excuses not to get out and take some photographs. I have enjoyed getting out regularly into nature and have taken pictures of things that caught my eye. No pressure, just relaxing photography.

This short gallery gives a flavour of some of the images I took during the month of May.

I like the way the stone wall curves around and leads to the gap in the trees. A sheep grazing in the gap would have completed the picture!

A classic rural scene

What is it about photographing sheep?

Setting up the Sunday market

Taking a quiet moment


View through the railings

Sunday morning run. I love to capture threes

This image just called me

The start of a fantastic walk. I walked for miles along the canal bank enjoying all that nature had to offer.

What is your favourite season for photography?


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