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Shoot What You See - A Bluebell Woodland Adventure

Composition is important in photography.

A good composition will make the difference between a pleasing image and one that won’t attract the viewer’s eye.

Usually we make the best compositions when we do some research about the location we are going to. By doing our research and planning we will know the best places for photography in the location.

Another way to come away with some pleasing images is to take our time, think about what we are doing and use our knowledge of composition to the best advantage.

While in every situation some knowledge of basic composition techniques is useful and will help us to naturally try to improve how our photos look, there will be times when it’s important to just seize the moment and shoot what you see.

Shoot what you see might be necessary in some situations where there is no time to spend setting up the ideal composition.

This was my situation recently when I visited a bluebell woodland.

I was there unexpectedly, I wasn’t on my own, I’m not likely to return there anytime soon, and bluebell season is short, so I made the most of my time there by taking some unplanned shots.

Often, trying to get some shots in a rush is not a good idea as the results can be varied, but in the circumstances I was happy to come away with some images that I liked and it’s why I would recommend that, on occasion, it’s good to shoot what you see.

Here are some of the results.


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