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What Do You Photograph When There's Nothing to Photograph?

Shannon marker

Recently I visited family in Co. Leitrim close to the Shannon Blueway.

The Shannon Blueway is a walking trail along the banks of Ireland's longest river, the Shannon. I had done the walk many times previously but on this day my intention was to go out on my own with my camera to see what I might capture.

When I awoke that day the first of the autumn mists had descended and I had to take advantage of this rare weather event which was quickly disappearing.

Mist on the lake

Spider web

Into the distance

Later in the morning I set out on my Blueway walk. 

I must say first off, my walk was fantastic. The sky had turned cloudy but the air was warm and calm. Birds were chirping all around me and there were people out walking, running, cycling, canoeing or sitting at one of the many pause points along the trail. 

Despite being a lovely day for walking it was a disappointing day for photography.

I just couldn't seem to find a composition.

While the hedgerows were beautiful, nothing stood out as a subject. The vibrant colours of summer had disappeared and left behind dull greens and browns. Ferns were beginning to die and trees had not taken on their autumn clothes.

There was ample evidence of summer having gone and autumn not quite there yet.

And nature was in the waiting period between two seasons!

Despite the lack of good light and no clear subjects to photograph, I did press the shutter a few times. 

Below are some images of the day.

The boardwalk

Running the blueway

The lilypad

The shelter

The canoeist

What do you photograph when there's nothing to photograph?

Just get out with your camera - you'll always find something!


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