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How Embracing Mindful Photography Has The Power To Transform Your Life!

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Most of us nowadays lead busy lives.

We may be spending our time juggling the considerable demands of family and work, but even if these are not major issues for us, we are still spending a lot of time glued to our phones, checking emails and texts, or being bombarded by the latest social media trends.

It is hard to take time for ourselves, to do what we want to do; to take time to just ‘be’.

Yet many of us do yearn for more quality time in our lives, time to notice what is around us, to see the beauty that is everywhere, to be more present in each moment.

Many of us would like to slow down and reconnect with ourselves.

Mindful photography may be just what you need to help you do this.

Even if you are not a photographer, chances are you do take some photographs, and possibly share them with friends or on social media every now and then.

But have you ever thought that instead of just snapping the occasional image when you are out and about, you could begin to photograph more mindfully; you could purposefully go out to observe more, be more attentive, be more present in the moment, and that this practice would bring major benefits to your physical and mental health?

In an upcoming series of blogs, I am going to delve into the subject of mindful photography, suggesting why you should begin to practice this art, how you can get started, and what exactly are the benefits of this type of photography.

Through the series I will outline all the benefits that have come to my life by embracing mindful photography.

Mindful photography encourages you to take the time to pause and reconnect with the world and beauty around you. Paul Sanders

There is an argument that by taking a photo we spoil the moment; that the act of pressing the shutter takes us away from being mindfully present and aware.

I would contend that by engaging in mindful photography we enhance the moment, and in the first blog of this series, called Does Photography Support a Mindfulness Experience, Or Take From It? I will explain why I believe this is so.

As an introduction, you might like to read my last post How Photography Can Help Us To Appreciate Life’s Precious Moments


It's a very good post. Getting connected with nature is really important in today's busy life. The concept of mindful photography is really appreciated.

Apr 04, 2021
Replying to

Thank you, I appreciate your comments and I’m glad you enjoyed reading my post. I have found mindful photography to be beneficial in so many ways.

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